How to Properly Inflate and Deflate Your Inflatable Paddle Board (iSUP)

How to Properly Inflate and Deflate Your Inflatable Paddle Board (iSUP)

Oct 21, 2021



SUP is now widely used as Stand Up Paddle board. It means outdoor water sports that the riders stand on the board and surf on the water with a paddle. Paddling is a demanding but exciting sport. With a high-quality SUP board, you can enjoy your free time in any suitable weather. It is your adventure in waterways that demands skills and energy. The following video and article hope to offer some help on inflating and deflating your SUP board.


6 important aspects of stand up paddle boards, including the appearance of CalmMax SUP boards, how to inflate, how to deflate, how to fold, how to store them, and some safety precautions. I hope it will help.

1.SUP boards in CalmMax

Yellow Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Green Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

2.How to inflate your paddle board properly

Inflatable paddle boards greatly facilitate our transportation and use. During transportation, for convenience, we usually deflate the paddle board. Next, this article will detail the specific steps to correctly inflate it.

Step 1 Tighten the air valve (Note that The air valve can only be tightened when the board is deflated.)

01 Remove the valve cap of the inner chamber of the board and insert the wrench supplied with your repair kit into the valve wrench clockwise until the valve is so it fits tightly.

02 Use free hand to apply pressure onto the valve to hold it in place and then firmly twist the wrench clockwise until the valve is completely tightened.

03 Put the valve cap back on and ensure it is tightened properly.

Step 2 Connect the CalmMax pump

01 Unpack the board from the CalmMax gear bag on a flat surface to ensure it is free from sharp objects.

02 Check that the valve of the board is in the pin-out/upper position. The valve must be released for inflation. To release the valve, unscrew the valve cap, push lightly downwards until the pin's upper/outer position is found.

03 Connect the hose to the inflate section to inflate.

04 Press and plug the end piece of the air hose into the valve of the board. Please make sure it is a secure connection between the pump and the valve.

05 On top of the pump is a Pressure Gauge. The max air pressure is 15psi (beginning of green area on the gauge.) DO NOT inflate the board beyond 15 psi which is the red zone area. This will void the warranty.

Just remind, The CalmMax Pump is a Double Action Pump. Pump the board with the Air Screw closed for double stroke action and take the Air Screw out when the double stroke gets too exhausting.

Step 3 Twist off your pump’s hose and put the valve cap back on, then you are ready to go.

3.How to deflate your paddle board properly

After your surfing time, lets learn how to deflate your paddle board properly.

01. Remove any water or debris out of the valve area before deflation.

02. Slowly press down the valve pin to start letting air out. There will be an initial burst of air, but that will slow down very quickly. Once the airflow has slowed down, press the pin all the way down and turn it clockwise to lock it onto the "OPEN position.

03. To deflate the board completely, input the hose into the deflate option and pump the air out.

4.How to fold your paddle board properly

01. Fold the board from the tail end. Remember to take out the fins before folding the board.

02. Then place the pump inside and from the nose start to roll the board up around the pump.

03. Continue to roll the board then secure the board with the strap. This will turn out to be half the size of a regular board.

04 Use the strap to secure the board to make sure it will not unroll. Once fastened, put it into the CalmMax gear bag.

5.How to store your paddle board properly

Store in a cool, clean, and dry area after use.

Do not store your board in extreme temperature conditions ( eg above 50*/122°C or below 0*C/32°F.

Always store your board deflated as leaving the board inflated can cause strain issues due to changes in temperature and air pressure.

6.Safety Precautions

Paddlesports can be dangerous and physically demanding. Observe the following safety standards and safe operating practices whenever using this product.

When using a CalmMax board, you are personally responsible to determine if you have the required skill level to handle the different water and wind conditions.

You should use your best judgment as to when and where to use your board.

  1. Check your equipment prior to each use of signs of wear or failure.
  2. Always carry identification.
  3. Paddle alongside someone. It is preferable to be accompanied in case of an emergency or accident.
  4. Always inform someone about your plan to go paddling, including your destination, duration, amount of people who will be with you. Be informed of those who paddle with you with their physical ability as well as their medical conditions.
  5. Follow Coast Guard regulations, boating, and safety laws, and regulations and orders of various levels of government (including regional laws).

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