Aug 25, 2021


Frank Chen

This blog is about using a stand up paddleboard. But before introducing how to use it, it would be better if we can learn a little bit about the paddleboard. We are going to make an explanation with the below three parts.


Stand up paddle board is a long and full name for SUP board, and we tend to take the short name to describe paddle board. SUP board is a kind of paddle board that you can stand up on, which is a very popular leisure sport in those seaside countries. Not just adults can explore the exciting water sports, but also kids can enjoy this fun, based on enough safety procedures of course.

Paddle boarding is a great way to relax and entertain, where you can use the least equipment and enjoy the best fun surfing in the river, lake, and sea. Paddle boarding utilizes the coordination of every part of your body, and it’s becoming a very welcoming sport. When you are standing on the water, you are having a special view.


Want to know all the equipment needed for the paddle board? Below are what we need for this fun:

  • Board: this is the biggest investment in this game. You can select the board according to the height and weight of your body, as well as your tricks and skills level. Surely, you have to be clear about what kind of board fits in the local environment.
  • Paddle: in the middle of the paddle, there is usually equipped with a protective case, to increase its strength of use.
  • PFD: its full name is Personal Flotation Device. Coast guard in the United States classified paddle board into the category of sea ships. So every time you want to board on the water, you have to bring some self-protective devices, such as a whistle for safety help and light for use after sunset.
  • Suitable clothes: when the weather is cold, please prepare some water-proof or quick-drying clothes to prevent situations of low body temperature. When the weather is body-comfortable and cozy, it’s better to wear a t-shirt or swimming clothes.
  • Lace: the lace wrapped on feet is to connect you and the board, and can help you to get close to the board in case you fall into the water. The board is a floatable item that can guarantee your safety. The lace can be categorized into lace for surfing, lace used in the flat water, and lace for torrent. Please choose the right one.
  • Sunburn protective items: sunscreen and sunglasses are very useful in this game to keep you from the harm of coming from sunlight.

    If the SUP board is inflatable, you can inflate it when you arrive at the place where you are going to have fun. Certainly, you can inflate it at home, then you can direct play as soon as you reach the water. It’s just the inflated board takes much space, and not so good to transport and put it in the car if the distance is not very small.

    Generally, the board is equipped with a handle in the middle of the edge, you can use one hand to take the board and another to take the paddle, and walk to the waterside.

    If the distance is long, you can put the board on your head:

    • Put the side of the tail against the ground, and make the board stand up facing you.
    • Place the paddle on the ground that you can easily get.
    • Lock two handles at the edge by your hand.
    • Step back a bit, and lean the board towards a little. You bend down and point your head against the middle of the board.
    • Hold two handles tightly, and jack up the board.
    • Take your paddle, run to the water and go have fun.

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