About our Warranty

As well as a great price point, Calmmax® offers you the most timely and thoughtful warranty service on the market in the United States when you buy a trampoline, with carefree bouncing guaranteed. We also have an excellent customer support team to assist you with any questions or concerns about your trampoline.

For CalmMax customers, we provide free replacement of parts within warranty. To get the required parts, please email us at service@calmmax.store with your details:

  • Order Number
  • Damaged parts and photos
  • Reasons for damage to trampoline parts

Note: Operation that disobeys the instruction, incorrect installation, improper maintenance, and damage caused by extreme weather, including but not limited to a tornado, flood, and ice storm, etc. are not included in the warranty service. But if the trampoline is damaged due to extreme weather and needs to be repurchased, you can contact our customer service to get a $50 coupon.

Trampolines purchased from the following channels can enjoy free parts services within warranty.
2.CalmMax Amazon Store
3.CalmMax Walmart Store

With any questions, please contact us via online chat or email at any time.

CalmMax Trampoline Warranty
• 3 Year Frame Warranty
• 2 Years Warranty For Jumping Mat & Springs;
• 1 Year Warranty For Safety Pad & Net