Our trampolines have been tested before selling, and we believe our products are safe enough for both kids and adult. However, we still want to provide additional notices in order to avoid some unexpected problems.

  1. When kids use small trampoline, parents must be around to watch, DO NOT LEAVE TODDLERS IN TRAMPOLINE ALONE. Toddlers should always be in parents’
  2. When assemble round trampoline, the framework must be standing straightly at right angles so as not to be pushed down by pressure. Don’t jump on it if the framework is set up with a tilt angle.
  3. When installing exercise and octagonal trampolines, do not remove the rubber cap. It will reduce the stability and bring much noise.
  4. When use the oval trampoline, do not keep jumping at the edge point from one side. It will accelerate the speed of wear and tear. It’s better when you can switch the side every next time you work out.
  5. When harsh sunlight or raining weather occurs, put the covering net to keep from sunburn and raindrops. We strongly suggest putting on covering net when it rains. Please do the proper protection
  6. Please set up the big trampoline on a hard land, and DO NOT install it on a soft landing. Before install on a soft landing, you need to do some procures like insert steel nails to make sure it’s hard enough to bear a trampoline and it’s jumping strength on it.
  7. Please do not put in outdoor when there is a wind blowing warning, you are ought to exercise indoor to ensure safety under harsh weather conditions.
  8. Ladder is suggested to be installed for easy access for the jumping mat for kids.
  9. Store it in your warehouse for big trampolines, so you won’t be stumbled by the big package. Also, you should prevent the package from long time’s sunlight to avoid the color fading.
  10. The Springs provided are strength tested,and DO NOT use springs from your own or other brands to replace ours when our springs are missing. It’s extremely unsafe to use springs from different companies. You need to contact us, and we will send you the replacements ASAP.
  11. When set up the springs, DO NOT use your bare hand, since you will be easily hurt by it. Please use our attached wrench to perform it.
  12. Follow the manual guidance strictly step by step to keep safe. It’s very dangerous to conduct by your own steps.
  13. In theory, accessories should be bought from our online store or CalmMax brand distributors.