Our story

It all started with a real story


Flash of Inspiration

The original idea of CalmMax appeared on a somewhat hot afternoon. I was sitting on the bench with an iPad, but my attention was drawn to my son's laughter. He was enjoying his trampoline. It was a present for his 6th birthday, but his enthusiasm never diminished. I suddenly realized that this trampoline seemed even more wobbly for a boy who is growing older.


Jumping Freely

Seeing that he was not aware of the danger in my eyes, I was wondering if he would also be insensitive to potential dangers in future life.
Should I guide him to behave more cautiously, or should I provide him with a safer environment?
Obviously, I chose the latter. In addition to staying away from physical injury,I also hope to provide him with broader growth space. Just like he was jumping on a trampoline without any distractions, I hope he can extend the vitality of his life without hesitation.


Growth Protection Plan

So I created CalmMax.
CalmMax not only wants to provide children with a stable jumping area but also supports the wish to guard.
For CalmMax, responsibility is the most permanent value, and it is a light that will never go out on the way forward.
This is what we are doing, it is emitting a little bit of light. Small but firm. Welcome to our protection program.


Our Commitment to You

360-degree net safety enclosure, heavy-duty frame, and bold strong springs to support stability. CalmMax is a solid space for jumping and growing.