Our Responsibility

CalmMax is dedicated to offer premium trampolines in the US market with various types and excellent services. At the same time, we never underestimate the significance of the safety you are caring very much about.

Our jumping mats use high quality PP material, manufactured by European advanced standard.

The whole trampolines are certified by ASTM safety standard, we know how much emphasis we should put on the safety, and we are striving to do more and more to entitle our safety reputation.

Trampolines are the mini center for gatherings of fun, happiness, relaxation and exercise, all of which are the key factors that we have been paying overwhelming attention to so we can keep improving customers’ satisfaction, and this is what we’ve done as always.

Beyond the application of indoor activities, our trampolines can be placed in the community park for public use. We are planning to provide free trampolines to communities, then more people can feel the magic trampoline and become loving outdoor activities ever since. Starting from New York and Los Angeles, expanding to more cities is on our ambitious schedule.

CalmMax is not only an online retailer, but also a wholesale supplier. We provide OEM and ODM customization services in the US market for bulk purchasing. Logo printing or unique design, or any other services you can name, we will try to our very best to support you with full sincerity.

If you want to be a partner with us to distribute our products, we are thrilled to invite you to join our affiliate program. We propose our affiliate program below so you can easily understand the whole project, please go through our Affiliate Program Highlights:

  1. Only CalmMax logo printing on trampolines, and other logos are not allowed.
  2. The store can only sell products from CalmMax, other brands are not allowed.
  3. Own some experience for indoor and outdoor sports products retail before.
  4. Twenty thousand USD charged by us as franchise running.

Besides highlighting, rewards presents, you can earn these awarding commission tiers:

  1. 2% of total sales turnover as commission for quantity between 5,000 pcs to 10,000 pcs
  2. 2.5% of total sales turnover as commission for quantity between 10,000 pcs to 15,000 pcs
  3. 3% of total sales turnover as commission for quantity between 15,000 pcs to 20,000 pcs
  4. 4% of total sales turnover as commission for quantity above 20,000 pcs.

Our excellent customer services contribute to a low refund/cancellation rate and our high commission and conversion rates drive us as one of the top trampoline affiliate programs

Join our affiliate program today!