Everything we do, safety is our first priority. To become suppliers of CalmMax, they must pass strict rules of ours.

Every year, we re-evaluate our supply chain so we can improve our progress in the manufacture and production. Progress is made possible by good partnership with our suppliers and by setting high standards suppliers must meet.

Steel pipe suppliers

Certificates issued by the independent third party such as ISO and SGS must be provided by them to prove high quality property. Tight demands for the pipe thickness tolerance must be met to maintain trampolines' endless stability and its galvanized paint must be good enough to ensure the expecting high performance of rust-resistance. The disposal of steel and paint waste must be environment friendly and sustainable to make our contribution to the planet.

Polypropylene suppliers

Producing by the advanced international standards is a must to become our suppliers. High density of PP material must be realized to make it more durable and diligent. Excellent grade of PP material with zero tolerance policy must be guaranteed by them. At the same time, initiate the PP recycling program as both of our social responsibilities to reduce environmental impact.

Spring and hardwares suppliers

Our springs and hardwares suppliers must meet the highest according ASTM standards for compression, extension, and torsion for springs, and hardness, tolerance and physical performance for hardwares to reach our sourcing requirements. Quality and material inspection certificates must be provided every time before the delivery.

Principles of our suppliers

Our suppliers must adhere to the established rules and regulations of GAAP(Generally accepted accounting principle). The accounting standards and procedures must be consistent with GAAP. Financial reports must fully disclose their monetary situation. Third audits of our suppliers' performance and work take place annually to minimize unexpected risk from our suppliers.

Once qualified as our suppliers, we work in a collaborative way to get the final wellbeing of our products. We will reward those who strive for the best practice. Our intention is to build a long-term relationships, work together to solve problems and challenges. We are partners together.