Get Tech Support

We have three parts for general technical support, if none of the below support fits for you, please contact our customer support anytime to get more help from our technical team. Our tech support email is, or you can directly click above customer support to send email to us

Before sale

We have many customers ask for more color and design, and we are collecting their opinions. If these requests are big enough, we will consider releasing more color and design. However, all the colors and designs we have now are displayed on the detailed product pages. We feel sorry if you can not find any color or design you like right now.

For bulk purchasing needs, such as bid, distribution or wholesale, please contact us via our special email to reach our factory sales team to get a better price.

For more technical queries, kindly contact us with customer support to get professional answers from our technical team.

During sale

After placing your order, firstly we will check our stock. If we have all of the stock, we will arrange the shipping as soon as possible by express services from UPS, FedEx or Amazon.

If the quantity you ordered is very big and it exceeds our stock, we will send all of our stock to you firstly. At the same time, we will quickly arrange the production to make up your remaining one. We promise we will deliver as soon as we can, however, the production involves international raw material purchasing and manufacturing, as well as logistics, we can't promise you the exact time.

International raw material purchasing may encounter price fluctuation, however, CalmMax promises once you place your order, the price will never change. Even though we may bear a loss due to several uncontrollable factors, we will make up this part of our own, so you can rest your worries aside.

Shipping package is a very solid paper box, specially made for express delivery. We do proper package to avoid any damage or defects to the largest extent.

After sale

If you want to set up a trampoline after receiving it, please do follow the steps in order by the manual guidance. Please keep in mind that do not skip any step, otherwise, unexpected danger may hurt you.

Follow our manual guidance, too, if you want to disassemble after using. For big trampolines, we suggest you do not frequently assemble and disassemble them. It's better to leave the installed trampoline in a dry and cool place if you expect you will use it again in the next two weeks.

Check the quantity of the parts and accessories every time when you disassemble it. If any of them is missing, please do not hesitate to contact us through support service. We will send a new one to you for free.

Store in your warehouse for big trampolines, and for small trampolines, you can store it under your couch or bed, so you won't be stumbled. Free your trampolines from long times' rainy and harsh sunny weather conditions to avoid the rust and the color fading phenomenon.