How to Choose Best Trampoline for Kids 2021

How to Choose Best Trampoline for Kids 2021

May 10, 2021


Frank Chen

Countless benefits can be introduced when using some best trampolines for your kids, due to their property of kids' exercise and getting your kids away from electronic devices to enjoy pure fun. However, choosing the best one is not that easy. There exist several rules we should follow when choosing a kid's trampoline. Here follows some quick tips for you to identify between the good and not-so-good ones.

The best trampoline size for kids

The shape for kids' trampolines is usually round, and they start from 3ft to 7ft as the diameter. It's suitable for kids ranging from 3 years old to 10 years old.  If you only have one kid at home, this type will be perfect for you. We sincerely suggest that the older your child is, the wider diameter you should select.

For those young hopefuls under 4 years old, 3-5ft will be good enough. For those above 7 years old, it's strongly suggested to choose a diameter above 5ft. However, we are not recommending toddlers under 3 years old to use these trampolines since they are too young.

How to select little kids trampoline

It is easy to use the trampoline, your kid can directly jump on it after installation, but the tough questions are how can you buy a good one and where will your kid use it?  First of all, the most important thing you need to be aware of before purchasing is the sturdy trampoline structure, which is the solid foundation of a safety guarantee.

You need to pay attention to the thickness of steel frame tubes and the joints, cause these play a vital role in contributing to steadiness. Secondly, there are two types of this kind of trampoline on market: indoor and outdoor.

The indoor type is more popular than the outdoor counterpart due to its safe and convenient advantages. If you only consider using it indoors, then you can put your worries aside and start your research ASAP on the brands that win your interest.

Besides the above two key points, trampoline accessories are an essential part of the whole trampoline. Now, we are offering some necessary advice for judging the goodness of a kid's trampoline.

Kids trampoline with handle

The trampoline handlebar is a basic but helpful design to give your kid a hand and provide additional safety for little young kids. Your kid can easily climb up and get down the trampolines with the help of a handle.

The handle must be equipped with anti-slip material such as rubber to avoid any possible danger. Generally, there are two-step and three-step types for a handle, which is also called a ladder, so we sincerely propose that it will be great to use the three-step type, so it will be much easier for them to climb for kids under five years old.

Kids trampoline with slide

The trampoline slide is destined to offer enormous fun to the kids, and sliding down from the trampoline will be a huge joy for them. It makes an incredible decision for your kid if you can equip your trampoline with a slide. Not only will they jump on the trampoline, but also they can climb up and slide down, the fun and joy will be at least be double.

We have a kind note for you: your kids can simply get additional safety when using together with a handle: your kid can easily climb up, and then can happily slide down, and repeat with tremendous pleasure but without hard work.

Kids trampoline with enclosure

The trampoline enclosure net is an extra safety part for the whole trampoline, and there are two parts consisting of the enclosure net system: trampoline net poles and safety net. The combination of both largely increases the safety with a zippered entrance. Your kid can play or rest on the trampoline under your watch when you are sitting on a coach after adding an enclosure net.

Trampoline Safety Net

Polypropylene(PP) should be the first choice as the safety net material due to its rigid wear and tear features, and that is why you need to pay attention to this material information when choosing a net. Also, the reinforced and high-density stitching is what you need to focus on when choosing. The purpose of this net is to offer added safety for kids playing on the trampoline, so kids could bounce without falling outside the jumping mat.

Trampoline Net Poles

Net poles are a primary and indispensable part of the enclosure system because the safety net will be needing the poles to stand up straightly. Galvanized steel pole is the most common type due to its enhanced anti-rust performance capability.

A foam-padded pole is a mainstream choice to increase the friction and hold the net tight. The thicker the pole tube wall is, the better performance it shows. Solid steel poles with U bolt pole cars and drilled holes to firmly connect a trampoline safety net, thus forming the enclosure system.

Where to buy a qualified kid active trampoline

Different brands and types can have different prices, making it significant to differentiate among so many choices. Before purchasing, there are several tips you need to know: first of all, you need to be clear about your kid's needs and your budget.

If you have one kid, you can directly follow our suggestion in the first paragraph for choosing the best size, but if you have more than one kid, it's better to buy a large one even if your kids are very little, so all of them on a trampoline can have enough space. Secondly, please look at the certificates all of the brands are holding now since it's quite vital to provide an ASTM safety certificate. Thirdly, it's normal but useful that you can look at the reviews for the trampoline you want to buy.


In general, if you decide to buy a kid's trampoline, you need to focus on the size, using place, sturdy structure, essential parts and certificates of it. After making your comparison with those standards, then you can buy one.

Hope you can make a good selection after reading our tips. If you have some other good suggestions for choosing kids' trampoline, you are so welcome to leave your comments here to help us all!


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