What will the trampoline bring to you and your family?

What will the trampoline bring to you and your family?

Dec 09, 2021



More and more people are placing a outdoor trampoline in their backyards, The most popular are 14ft trampoline, 10ft trampoline, and 16ft trampoline. maybe you are hesitant to purchase a trampoline for your kid as a surprise. You may be confused about what a trampoline can bring for you and your family. This article will tell you what you will get when you purchase a trampoline.

A chance to exercise

Compared with online games and other forms of entertainment, the appeal of trampolines should not be underestimated. A trampoline is an attractive way to exercise outdoors. A daily ratio of exercise helps children grow up healthy. Children can exercise their muscles and cardiovascular system while jumping and improve immunity. It's also a great way to promote muscle development, strengthen bones and fortify joints in children.

An opportunity to get closer contact with nature

Nature has the ability to heal in a way that cannot be ignored. Children get a full breath of fresh air on the trampoline, feel the sunshine, the breeze and the charm of movement, and gradually establish an intimate connection with nature and get cared for by nature.

Stress-relieving jumps

Jumping makes people happy. Oxygen circulation stimulates the release of endorphins, which can enhance one's mood. Jumping on a trampoline helps to release stress and rest in a state of letting go. Being on a trampoline can increase children's enthusiasm for participating. When jumping, children learn to express themselves confidently without thinking about what is right or wrong, as long as the way is safe.

Entertainment for the whole family

Family activities are needed to communicate and enhance the intimate connection between families. In addition to family parties, movie time, and playgrounds, trampolines add a new option for you. A trampoline standing in the courtyard provides another space for you to create pleasant memories. Please note that when you are planning a trampoline for the whole family, remember to pay attention to the max weight capacity. Trampolines are designed for kids or for the family.

A way to build friendships

The joy of trampolining is doubled in the process of sharing with friends. Kids can invite friends to join them on the trampoline to bounce tirelessly from day to night.

Stable structure

CalmMax applied the most stable structure, alloy steel heavy-duty frame, combined with U-legs or W-legs, to provide a safe jumping space more than required.

Soft touch & huge bounce

The trampoline mat that provides direct contact is made of polypropylene. It has a soft touch and unparalleled bouncing force. Polypropylene performs well in load-bearing capacity and resistance to deformation. The above advantages apply to adults as well. Trampoline is an outdoor investment that benefits the whole family.

One-time investment

Any trampoline produced in accordance with safety standards can be maintained in good condition for years under reasonable maintenance for use. To maintain the good performance of the trampoline for a long time, on the one hand, high-quality materials are needed, and on the other hand, regular maintenance is required. So what matters need to be noted about the maintenance of the trampoline? For specific information, please refer to the following Trampoline Maintenance Guide.

Trampoline Maintenance Guide PDF

On another note, in case of damage from animals, a 「fencing」 for your private backyard is recommended.


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