Six Quick Tips Before Buying A Trampoline

Six Quick Tips Before Buying A Trampoline

May 17, 2021


Frank Chen

Free advice before purchasing a trampoline could be very useful, which can save your time and money at the same time. Since the beginning of 2020, most of families have been trapped at home due to the pandemic of covid-19. Entertainment theme parks are almost closed, and kids have not experienced that fun for very a long time.

Because of this, trampolines have been enjoying rapid market growth ad outstanding popularity since last year.

Among all of the choices on the market, round trampoline has been the most popular and familiar type in public. So it's better to take round ones as the example to present our opinions. Actually, below six parts can be applied for any type of trampolines you decide to select. They are very useful and universal.

What aspects should you pay attention to? you will get some useful tips after reading the whole blog. We are listing six most important queries:

Why do you need a trampoline?

To figure out why do you need to buy a trampoline is the most basic and primary thing before purchasing. Let's divide it into two parts: for personal use or family use. 

For yourself, trampolines can provide you many benefits. In short, for fitness purposes, it can enhance your performance and efficiency for weight loss, calories burning, blood circulation as well as tons of health and physical therapy. Click here to know the overall streamlined benefits trampolines bring with more details.

For family, it can definitely widen the fun your family can enjoy. If you have kids, you must have been bothered so much since last year, becuase most of the entertainment theme parks are not opening yet, till now. It's difficult to find out a new and not-so-expensive way to bring fun and promise enough safety to your children when they're home.

Now, trampoline is the easiest way to balance between money and value for fun at home. Trampolines(excluding kids trampolines) are not just designed for kids, they are suitable for parents, too. Even though you are a dad or mom, you can relax on the trampoline. With this, you do not have to think very hard for how to spend your families' weekend. This is the solution presenting right in front of you.

How to choose the right size?

After making it clear whether you need a trampoline or not, it's time to gain the knowledge of sizes available.

First of all, you must identify how many people in your family will use this trampoline, how much space is available for the installation, and how old are your children.

For general advice, if you only have one child at home, and you only purchase one for him or her, you can click here to see our comprehensive article for choosing the best trampoline for kids.

For exercise purposes, you can directly choose mini, octagonal and oval types without thinking too much about the size. Cause normal types on market are designed for single fitness use, so you just need to choose the shape you prefer if you have made your decision.

For rectangle type, the most vital thing to remember is the size. It usually has a strict demand for the space, which needs to be very large. It's usually aiming for trampoline parks or very professional sports training.

How much does a trampoline cost?

Size problem is solved, then comes the price.

Well, it is a very tricky question when it comes to cost, because price can change significantly for different brands. Our suggestion is to check the top 10 trampolines on amazon if you don't have a reliable way to buy.

For round types with 10ft or 12ft, the reasonable price could be more than 300 USD but less than 500 USD. If it's less than 300 USD, the quality might be not very well, which can lead to some safety problems. It's not very necessary to pick one cost more than 500 USD. The extra cost you pay more than normal type is usually for brand effects, but the quality is not improved much. It's worth doing that.

For mini exercise trampolines, price can be more than 100 USD but less than 250 USD, the reason is the same. For rectangle ones, it can cost you more than thousands of USD.

Where to install a trampoline?

First and foremost, make it clear where do you want to install the trampoline. If you have a backyard or lawn in the front yard, it's quite a good choice to put it there. This can bring big convenience to you, since you do not have to assemble and disassemble every time you use. 

For the kid or mini type, you can directly set up indoors. It will be safe to watch your kids on the trampoline, and it is easy to fold, you can just put it under your coach or bed after exercise.

Do you need to assemble a net?

Often, exercising trampolines are not attached to net. So if you are aiming for fitness purpose, you can directly skip this part. This part is suitable for trampolines involved with kids. Everything should be safe enough when involved with kids, and trampoline stores should make guarantee for safety. If you are buying for your children, or they will use them, then the answer is absolutely yes. Regarding the net assembly details, please click here to see all the details about the enclosure net assembly.

Any other necessary trampoline accessories?

For exercising types, if you bought one without a handle bar, we suggest you can equip it with a handrail.  Then you can try more high-level fitness steps, and it can give an armrest when necessary.

If kids are involved, such as round trampolines, it's highly recommended to add ladder as well as protective cover, besides enclosure net for safety considerations.


Above are six tips before purchasing a trampoline, we hope it can contribute a little when you have no clue. Find out the reason you need to buy, decide the size and calculate your budget, set up and prepare for additional safety, this would be the whole process.

Bring out your opinions in this part:

You might pay attention to many other aspects more than our mentioned ones. If you want to know more, you can feel free to leave some comments. We will try to provide the best answers by the greatest trying.

Or if you know more than this, please give us more personal opinions or guidelines, we'd be more than glad to hear from you.

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